The security actions on the evening of Tasu'aa by Imam Hossein

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The security actions on the evening of Tasu'aa by Imam Hossein

On the evening of Tasu'ss (the ninth day of Moharram), the enemies attacked on Imam Hossein's army. The Imam sent his brother – Abul Fazl- to the enemiy to inform them that the Imam intended to say prayer and dissuades them from fighting on that night.
The Imam also said to his brother to tell them that on Ashura (the tenth day of Moharram) they will fight but that night (Tasu'aa) he was going to pray to God.

The actions done by Imam Hossein on the night of Ashura:

1- The Imam ordered his companions to prepare their swords and spears. There was a man called "Jown" who was expert at repairing the swords, the Imam asked him to repair the spears and swords.

2- the Imam ordered to keep the tents very close together, as much it was hard to pass through them. He also asked the companions to set up the tents in arched.

3- He ordered to dug a great hole behind the tents in order to prevent effectively the enemies from attacking and not let the horses jump.

4- he also ordered his companions to stock pile the thorns, twigs and dead leaves behind the tents and tomorrow (Ashura) they will set up them onfire, in order to avoid the attack from the back of tents.


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