The companions of Imam Hossein (peace be upon him)

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The companions of Imam Hossein (peace be upon him)

Many people accompanied Imam Hossein in his voyage to Karbala. The Imam told the companions about the difficulties and problems in Karbala, but some of them many the Imam exaggerated or the situation would not be so difficult and dire.

On the way to Karbala, the Imam made speeches in different places to make his companions aware of all the difficulties in Karbala and also their aim.
Some of the companions who could not accompany him, went back; out of the many companions there were left only the best and faithful companions and helped the Imam a lot in Karbala.

"My companions are the best and most loyal companions." Said the Imam bout his great companions.

On the night of Ashura (the tenth day of Islamic month, "Moharram"), the Imam let his companions to go back, he told them that on Ashura all of them will definitely die; but the companions all confirmed that how they were eager to be martyred, then the Imam felt heartily satisfied and happy.

On Ashura all the companions were martyred except Imam Sajjad (son of Imam Hossein) who was sick.
The Imam looked at the corpses of the martyrs on the ground and said:
"I do not see any live persons (in Karbala) but these holy bodies (the martyrs)."

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