The beliefs of Islamic and polytheistic sects

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The book “The beliefs of Islamic and polytheistic sects” is written by the celebrated philosopher “Fakhr Razi”.

It is written in Arabic concerning comprehensive explanations on the beliefs of Islamist and polytheistic sects.


The author
Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Umar Ibn Hossein Tabaristani Razi, also known as "Imam Fakhr", Ibn al –Khatib" ,"Fakhr Razi" and also "Imam al- Mushakkekin" (because he doubted about most of the philosophical subjects), a famous Iranian Sunni theologian and philosopher. He was born in 1149 in Ray –Iran and died in 1209.

He studied jurisprudence and Kalam and other Islamic sciences under his father and then studied under Majduddin Jili.
He wrote on medicine, astrology, physics, literature, history and law.
Fakhr Razi was from "Shafi'i" of Islamic law.

Razi's most major work is "The keys to the unknown" (his exegesis on the Quran) and his most important philosophical work is "Eastern discussions".

Other works:
- Eastern studies in metaphysics and physics
 The harvest thought of the ancients and moderns-
 Book on the soul and the spirit and their faculties-
 Commentary on the "Isharat" of Ibn Sina-
- A commentary on "Major rules in medicines" of Ibn Sina, etc


The book structure

The book includes ten chapters as follows:

1- Mutazila (name of religious movement founded at Basra by wasil  Ibn Ata, subsequently  becoming one of the most important theological  schools of Islam) and the sects  related  ti.

2- The common beliefs among the sects attributed to Mutazila

3-“ kharijites” (“khawarej” , the Arabic term indicates the dissents whi at the Battle of siffin in 657 arbitration Ali and Maawiya and departed ), “ Zaydiyya” ( a group of shia which  is distinguished  from the “ twelve’s and the “ seveners” by the recognition  of zayd Ibn Ali Ibn zany al – Abedin as Imam) and the sect Rafiziya

4-kaysaniya (name applied by the heresiographers to those supporters of al- Mukhtar Ibn Abu ubayal Thaqafi who recognized Ali is  son Muhammad Ibn Hanafiya as their Imam and as the Mahdi

5- karamiya sect

6-Jabriya sect


8-The sect attributed to the Jews

9- Christian sect

10- Zoroastrian sect


The beliefs of Islamic and polytheistic sects


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