The purgatory as a window to the Paradise and Hell

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In the purgatory there is the earth and the sky, morning and evening:


The fire! They will be exposed to morning and evening, while on the day when the hour is set up [there will be heard]: “send pharaohs court into the harshest torment!” (40/46)


The terms “morning and evening” in the verses refers to the conditions in the Purgatory because in Resurrection there will be no morning and evening.

“The  Fire! They will be exposed to it”   does not mean disbelievers are in “fire” but it is inferred that “fire” is near the disbelievers and they will feel it.

“The Hour” refers to the Resurrection meaning up to that time (while on the day when the Hour is set up) pharaohs court will be punished morning and evening.

The following verse also confirms existence of morning and evening in the purgatory:


They will have their provision there both morning and evening (19/62)


But in the Resurrection there will be no heaven and no earth as well as no morning and evening”.

Relaxing on couches there where they will see neither sun nor any frost (76/31)

When fetters as well as chains are placed around their necks. They will be hauled along (40/71)

Into scolding water; then they will be scorched in the fire (40/72)

Whenever death comes for one of you, our messengers will gather him in.

They will not neglect [their duty] (6/61)

Then they will be sent back to God, their true patron discretion belongs to him! He is the swiftest Reckoner (6/62)


"Recognition of Resurrection" (By Allameh Mohammad Hossein Tehrani)


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