The principles of ethics in Islam

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According to the two great resources of Islam, the Koran and Islamic traditions, ethics have considerable importance in Islam. In many of the koranic verses ethics and the principles are expressly mentioned.
Before concerning ethics in Islam first, we should recognize human rank based on the verses of the Holy Koran. In the following verses the importance of human soul and rank are mentioned:

1. Anyone who kills any person without another soul being involved or for causing mischief in the land acts as if he had killed all mankind.  Anyone who spares life acts as if he had granted life to all mankind.(5:32)
2. We have created man with the finest stature. (95:4)
3. Have you not seen how God has subjected whatever is on earth to you, and the ships that sail at sea by his command? He holdback the sky from falling down on the earth except with his permission. God is so Gentle, Merciful towards mankind.(22:65)
4. Do you not see how God has harnessed whatever is in heaven and whatever is on earth for you? He has lavished his favour on you both publicly and privately. (31:20)
5. He gives you everything you ever ask him for. If you counted up Gods favour (s), you would never [be able to] number them, yet man is so unfair, ungrateful. (14:34)
6. However man acts so arrogant for he considers he is self-sufficient (96:6-7)
In the recent verses Gods favor towards human is mentioned and it reminds us to be grateful toward all His favours.
In the verses below the creation of man and the priority of is his soul concerned confirming the importance of human soul:

1. So your Lord told the angels: “I am about to create a human being from ringing clay, from moulded slim. When I have finished with him and breathed some of My spirit into Him, then drop down on your knees before him.(15:28-29)
2. So we told the angels: “Bow down on your knees before Adam.” They [all] knelt down except for Diabolis. He refused and acted proudly, and became a disbeliever. (2:34)
In the following verses, man is considered as the one who carry the Divine trust:
We offered the trust to Heaven Earth, and to mountains too yet they refused to carry it and shrank back from it.  However man accepted it. He has been unfair [to himself] ignorant! (33:72)
Based on the koranic verses, ethical principles in Islam would be as follows.
- Sense of honor
-Heading God
-observing moderation in life




The Noble Quran (English translation by T.B.Irving)

Philosophy (by Jalal al-Din Mojtabavi)


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