Jihad in the Islamic view

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Jihad (holy war) against injustice and oppression is seriously mentioned in Islam. The following verses of the Noble Koran confirm the importance of jihad.
According to the Islamic view holy war (jihad) is permitted in some cases, the following verses of the Holy Koran indicate the value of jihad in Islam.


1. Prepare any [military] strength you can muster against them, and you cavalry posts with which you can overawe Gods enemy and your own enemy as well, plus others besides them whom you do not know. God however knows them! Anything you spend for God sake will be repaid you and you will not be harmed.(8:60)
2. Why should you not fight for God’s sake when men, woman and children who are considered helpless say: “ our Lord , lead us out of this  town whose people are so oppressive , and grant as a patron from presence and grant  us a supporter from presence .(4:75)
3. Kill hem wherever you may catch them and expel them from anywhere they may have expelled you. Sedition is more serious than killing! You do not fright them at the Hallowed Mosque unless they fight you there. If they should fight you, then fight them back , such is the reward for disbelievers.(2:191)



Nemuneh Koranic Exegesis (Naser Makarem)

The Noble Koran (English translation by T.B.Irving)


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