Astronomy in the Koran

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According to the Koran knowledge is light and ignorance is compared to darkness.
The koranic verses leads man through the scientific subjects which are now considered as great sciences:


1. in the creation of Heaven and Earth, the alternation between night and day, the ships which plow the sea with something to benefit mankind, and any water God sends down from the sky with to revive the earth following its death, and to scatter every kind of animal throughout it, and directing the winds and clouds which are driven along between the sky and earth, are (all) sings for folk who use their reason.
The following verses of the Noble Koran indicate the impotence of astronomy on the creation:
1. He has regulated night and daylight for you, while the sun, moon and stars are subjected to his command. In that are signs for folk who use their minds.(16:12)
2. The sun and moon [move along] like clockwork. (55:5)
3. He is the one who has placed the stars to guide you through darkness on land at sea.(6:97)
4. As well as landmarks, and by stars are they guided [too] .( 16:16)
5. We have placed constellations in the sky and embellished it for onlookers.(15:16)
6. Blessed is the one who has placed constellations in the sky and set a beacon in it   plus a shining moon! (25:61)
7. God is the one who has risen up the heaven without any support you can see. Then mounted on the throne and regulated the sun and moon each runs along on a specific course. (13:2)
8. He has created the heavens without any visible support.(31:10)
9. Then he soared up to heaven while it was still a haze, and told both it and the earth: “come, either obediently or reluctantly.” They both said: “we shall come willingly! (41: 11)



al-Mizan Koranic Exegesis (Allameh Tabatabai)

The Noble Koran (English translation by T.B.Irving)


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