The consequences of forgetting his own soul

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In the Holy Koran, it is mentioned that man should not forget his own soul and also is not allowed to obey his soul. They should only obey God:


1. Do not be like those who have forgotten about God. So he lets them forget about their own souls. Such people are immoral. (59:19)  
2. Anyone who has been afraid to stand before his Lord and restrained himself from passion, while have the Garden for a dwelling place. (79:40-41)
3. Anyone who has acted arrogantly and preferred worldly life will have Hades for a dwelling place. (79:37-39)
4. Have you seen someone who has taken his passion as his God? (45:23)
5. The losers will be those who have lost their own souls as well as their own families on Resurrection Day. That will be obvious loss. (39:15)



philosophy of ethics (by Morteza Motahari)

English translation of the Quran (by T.B.Irving)


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