Econmic points in the Koran

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Economy is one of the subjects remarkably noticed in the Koran. The following verses of the Koran mention some of the economic points:

1. Do not give the feebleminded your property which God has granted you for [their] support, provide for them out of it, and clothe them and address them decently. (4:5)
2. You who believe, do not use up your wealth, idly, [squandering it] on one another. Unless it is for some business based on mutual among you, do not kill one another, God has been Merciful towards you! (4:29)
3. They (people) will ask you (the prophet) about Booty. Say: “Booty belongs to God and the Messenger so heed God and patch up any [differences] that may stand between you. Obey God and His messenger if you are believers. (8:1)
4. know that with anything you may acquire as spoils, a Fifth (Khoms)  of it belongs to God and the Messenger , close relatives and orphans , paupers, and  the wayfarer , if you believe in God and what we have sent down  to our servant on the Day of Distinction , the day when  both farces met. God is capable of everything. (8:41)
5. Charity is [meant] only for the poor, the needy, those working at [collecting and distributing] it, those [possible converts] whose hearts are being reconciled [to your], for freeing captives and debtors, and in [striving along] Gods way, for the wayfarer, as a duty imposed by God. God is Aware wise. (9:60)
6. Those whose wealth comprise on acknowledged responsibility towards the beggar and the destitute. (70:24-25)
7. Render your close relative his due, s well as the pauper and the
 way farer. Yet do not squander [your money] extravagantly: spendthrifts are the devils brethren, and Satan has always been ungrateful towards his Lord. (17:26-27)



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