The Holy Koran persuades man into learning

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The Noble Koran is the only Divine Book concerning knowledge and science, and in many of the verses it persuades man into learning:

1. It (the Koran) teaches man what he does not know. (96:5)
2. God will raise those of you who believe, in rank, as well as the ones are given knowledge. (58:11)
3. Are those who know, to be considered equal to those who do not know? (39:9)


The Holy Koran encourages people to reflect  upon the heaven and earth, stars, mountain, sea, creation of trees, day and night , as well as creation of animals and plants, and the most important creation of man, through which he will know his own soul as well as God. In the view of the Koran, the knowledge leading man towards the truth and the straight Road is the true knowledge otherwise it will not be accepted:

1. Have you seen someone who has taken his passion as his God? God knowledge lets him go astray and seals off his heading and his heart, and places a covering over his eyesight.
2. Who will guide him instead of God? (45:23) they (men) recognize the acuter show of worldly life, while they are heedless about the Hereafter. (30:7)



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