Human eternal maturity as the goal of ethics

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Human eternal maturity is achieved through training undoubtedly human perfection is related to his soul, not his body.
Human perfection regarding to revelation
From the viewpoint of revelation, maturity refers to the perfection of human soul, meaning it has a spiritual conception. Therefore it is supposed to have an eternal aspect, never is damaged and after death it will exist.
According to the Koranic verses, human perfection belongs to the Hereafter, although it is obtained in worldly life, it will be appeared in the Hereafter. In the Koranic verses the spiritual life of the heedful in the Hereafter is mentioned:

1. The heedful will be by gardens and a river in a sure position under a competent sovereign (54:54-55)

Maturely necessitates approaching God, as He mentioned in the Koran because He Himself is close to us:
1. We are closer to him his jugular vein! (50:16)
2. He is the first and the Last, the Outward and the Innermost (57:3) He is with you (all) wherever you may be. (57:4)
3. Wherever you may turn, there will be God countenance. (2:115)


Approaching God will be obtained by worshipping Him:
1. And to worship Me [Alone]! This is a Straight Road
2. I have only created sprites and men so they may worship Me (51:56)


 Human perfection to innate tendencies
None of the human tendencies have been created with no reason, always there are ways leading towards full filling tendencies. Managing tendencies will lead us through the best ways to obtain maturity.




Islamic ethics (Mohammad Ali Sadat)

English translation of the Quran (T.B.Irving)


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