Spending wealth and not overdoing for God's sake in the Koran

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In many of the Koranic verses spending for God's sake (Infaq) is mentioned.

The following verses of the Noble Koran concerns practicing moderation in spending wealth for God sake:

1. He it is who has produced gardens, both trellised and untrellised and date palms and field crops whose food [tastes] different, as well as olives and pomegranates which are  so alike ! Eat some of their fruit as they ripen, and give away whatever they ought to on their harvest day yet do not overdo things for he does not love extravagant people. (6:141)

2. Whom when they spend, give neither too lavishly nor yet hold back, and keep to a happy medium. (25:67)

3. Children of Adam, wear your best – clothes to every place of worship! Eat and clink yet does not overdo things, he does not love the extravagant. (7:31)

The following Koranic verses confirm the importance of spending wealth:

1. Those who spend their wealth night and day, both privately and publicly, will receive their earnings from their Lord. No fear will lie upon them nor need they ever feel saddened.(2:274)

2. Those who spend their wealth for God sake may be compared to a grain which sprouts into seven ears with a hundred grains in each ear. God multiplies things for anyone he wishes, God is Boundless, Aware. (2:261)

3. Those who spend their wealth for God sake, then do not follow up what they have spent with any reproach or scolding, shall receive their earning from their Lord. No Fear will lie upon them nor should they fell saddened. (2:262)

4. You will never attain virtue until you spend something you are fond of, while God is Aware of anything you man spend. (3:92)

5. You who believe, spend some of the wholesome things you may have acquired as well as anything we produce from the earth for you. Do not choose the poorest parts of it for anything you spend [in taxes or on charity] which you yourselves would only accept disdainfully. Know that God is Transcendent, praiseworthy. (2:267)

6. If you publicize any acts of charity, it is quite worthwhile, while if you cancel them and give [directly] to the poor, it will be ever better for you, and will cancel out some of your evil deeds for you, Gog id Informed about anything you do. (2:271)

7. You who believe, do not cancel you acts of charity by [making] any reproach or scolding like someone who spends his money simply for people to see it while he does not believe in God and the Last Day. He may be compared to a boulder covered wilt some ail which a rainstorm strikes and leaves bare. They cannot do anything wilt whatever they have earned. God does not guide such disbelieving folk.(2:264)

8. Those who spend their wealth seeking God approval and to strengthen their souls may be compared to a garden on a hilltop, should a rainstorm strike it, its produce is doubled, while if a rainstorm does not strike it, then drizzle does. God its observwnt of anything you do.(2:265)

9. Believe in God and his messenger, and spend something out of whatever he has let you inherit [from anyone else]. These of who believe and spend [on charity and in public service] will have on even larger fee.(57:7)


Nemuneh Koranic Exegesis (Naser Makarem)

The Quran (English translation by T.B.Irving)

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