About Tahoor Encyclopedia :

In the name of God the Mercy-giving, the Merciful


Jaam-e Tahoor (The Pure Glass) is a non-profit cultural art institute intending to present Islamic teaching in a documentary form highly concerning the word (Hadith) of Imam Reza –: -Shia Imam ththe 8

"If people notice the beauty of our word, they will definitely follow us."

The institute was established in 2013; during this period of time Tahoor website has been presenting many different articles on Islamic teaching as well as human sciences based on the Holy Koran, Islamic traditions (Hadith) and religious valid references with the assistance of a group of the university researchers and also seminary scholars.

"Tahoor Publication" and "The website" (Tahoor.com) are the two parts of the institute. The following works are published by Tahoor Publication (available online sopping):

1-Ketab-e Aah (The Book of Sorrow; on the events of Karbala)

2-Rasm-e Vafa (The Manner of Fidelity; on names of the martyrs of Karbala)

3-Audio Book Aah (on the events of Karbala)

4-Tafsir-e Tahoor (Fluent Persian Exegesis of the Noble Koran. Vol.1)


Tahoor Encyclopedia consists of over twenty thousand articles including the categories, key words, and also advanced search. Tahoor Koran presents a modern translation and exegesis of the Holy Koran in Persian, as well as Koranic terms and traditions (Hadith). All the activities mentioned still being performed.

Regarding the interested persons in Islamic teaching throughout the world, Tahoor website created Tahoor English and Tahoor French presenting the articles in English and French.

Tahoor Institute licensed by Ministry of Culture, and observes the rules of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is not attached to any organization and all supported by individuals interested in Islamic teaching and culture.