Shams Tabrizi

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Shams al –Din Muhammad, known as "Shams Tabrizi", born in 1168 in Tabriz –Iran, celebrated Sufi and the spiritual guide fo "Rumi" (mystic Iranian poet). He was a great mystic theosophist. His main celebrity was his strong influence on Rumi. In 1245, Shams travelled to Konia and Rumi visited him. Rumi loved Shams, he spent 3 months with him alone, therefore his disciples were envious of Shams and annoyed him too much, so he escaped from Konia but Rumi found him in Aleppo. Again Rumi's family and friends started annoying him, this time Shams #### disappeared suddenly and was never heard of again. He died in 1248. There are not left any books of Shams, except some of his talks which have been written and collected by his disciples.


translation of Mosaheb encyclopedia


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