Seyyed Sharif Razi

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Muhammad known as "Sharif Razi" or "Seyyed Razi", born in 1004, in Baghdad –Iraq. He was born into a religious and educated family. Sharif Razi was so intrested in learning sciences from his childhood, so before the age of 20 he learnt: the Quran, Hadith, jurisprudence, rhetoric, grammar and syntax and soon became expert and proficient at teaching; many students were educated in the presence of him and later they became great scholars. Seyyed Razi started interpreting the Quran in his youth and wrote a few books related to the Quran. His most significant work is "Peak of eloquence" (Nahj al –Balaqeh); in fact Sharif Razi is the first person who collected the sermons, letters and sayings of Imam Ali (p.b.u.h). He died in 1051.


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