Ghilan Dameshqi

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Abu Marwan Ghilan Dameshqi, early author and theologian of Qadariyya (name commonly used by Islamists to denote a group of theologians, not in itself homogeneous, who represented in one form or another the principle of free will in the early period of Islam, from about 690 to the definitive consolidation of the Mu’tazila. The word was always derogatory, never applied to oneself). Dameshqi lived in the reign of “Hesham Ibn Abdul Malek” (caliph of the Umayyad dynasty; b. 691, ruled. 724 – 743). He believed only in man’s free will and #### did not believed in God’s fate and predestination in the world. He was agains Umayyads, therefore Hesham ordered to kill him. It is said that his hands, feet and tongue were cut!


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