The gardens of Eden

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The gardens of Eden refers to the eternal aspect of the Heaven. According to the Koranic verses the gardens of Eden refers to the gardens existing in paradise being greatly superior to other gardens of the Heaven. Based on Islamic traditions (Hadith) Eden refers to the highest place of the Heaven in another tradition it is considered as a city in the Heaven where prophets, Holy Imams (the Fourteen Innocent) and also martyrs reside. The following verses of the Koran confirm existence of Eden: 

1- God has promised believers, whether they are men or women, gardens through which rivers flow to live in forever, and goodly dwellings in the gardens of Eden. Yet approval by God is greatest, that will be the supreme Achievement! (9:72)

2- Gardens of Eden which they will enter, as well as anyone  who has acted honorably among their forefathers,  their spouses  and their off spring  Angels will  come in on them by every gate .(13:23)

3-The gardens of Eden which the Mercy – giving has promised his servants even though [they are still] unseen. . So far as he concerned    his promise has already been fulfilled.(19:61)

4- Those shall have the gardens of Eden through which rivers flow. They will be decked out with gold bracelets there and were green silk clothing and brocade, as they lean back on sofas in it. How superb will such recompense be and how handsome is the couch! (18:31)

5- Gardens of Eden whose gates will swing open for them! (38:50)

6-our Lord, show them into the gardens of eternity which you have promised them and whoever among their forefathers, spouses and offspring have acted honorably. You are the powerful, the wise!(40:8)


al-Mizan (Koranic exegesis by Allameh Tabatabai)

the Noble Quran (English translation by T.B. Irving)


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