The Paradises described in the Koran

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In the Noble sura of the Koran “ the Mercy –Giving”
(Al-Rahman) the paradises and their  features are as a Divine reward described:

Yet anyone fears to stand before his Lord will have two gardens: (55:46)

Both containing many sorts of things, (55:48)

Besides both of these, there will be two gardens,(55:62)

Both densely shaded (55:64)

Each will have two splashing fountains, (55:66)

Both will have fruit, date palms and pomegranates, (55:68)

In them there will be the best m the fairest women! (55:70)

Bright eyed damsels sheltered in pavilions, (55:72)

Whom on human being has tainted previously, nor any sprite! (55:74)

They will lean back on green cushions and handsome carpets, (55:76)

So which of your Lord benefits both of you deny? (55:77)


al-Mizan Koranic exegesis (by Allameh Tabatabai)

The Noble Koran (English translation by T.B. Irving)


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