Gardens of Bliss

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The phrase “Gardens of Bliss” (Janat al- Naim) mentioned in the Koran refers to the divine gardens in Paradise granted the believers as divine reward:

1- God Sincere servants. Those will have an acknowledged provision of fruit, and will be honoured in gardens of Bliss (37:40-43)

2- And the pioneers will be out there leading! Those will be nearest in gardens of Bliss (56:10-12)

3-Thus if he is one of those who are drawn close [he will have] contentment, fragrance, and a garden of Bliss(56:88-89)

4-Their Lord guides those who believe and perform honorable deeds according to their faith: river will flow beneath them in gardens of Delight.(10:9)

5-The virtuous will [dwell] in Bliss,

On couches watching.

You will recognize a blissful splendor on their faces.

They will be offered a sealed potion to drink

Whose seal will be musk. For that let rivals compete!

It will be blended with a beverage

From a spring where those close [to God] will dink (83:22-28)

6-contorl will belong to God on that day: judge between them , and those who believe and perform honourable deeds will be in the gardens of Bliss(22:56)

7- The heedful will have gardens of Bliss alongside their Lord.(68:34)

8- The heedful will have gardens and bliss (52:17)

9-Does every man among them aspire to enter the Garden of Bliss? (70:38)

10-Grant me,  an inheritance in the Garden of Bliss. (26:85)

11- The virtuous shall be in bliss (82:13)


The Noble Quran (English translation by T.B. Irving)

al-Mizan Koranic exegesis (Allameh Tabatabai)


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