Mirza Muhammad Taqi Almasi

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Muhammad Taqi Almasi, son of Mirza Kazem, born in 1677. He was from a great scientific family. His ancestors reached "mullah Muhammad Taqi Majlesi Isfahani" and Almasi is one of the most celebrated scholars of his family. His father had installed a piece of valuable diamond on Imam Ali's tomb, this is the reason why he is known as Almasi. (Almas means diamond). "Agha Muhammad Bid Abaadi" (great theosophist and philosopher) was one of his great and celebrated students. ####
1- Cheerfulness of saints [Bahjatul Awlya] (on people who visited the 12th Imam of Shias "Imam Zaman" who has been disappeared and people can not see him.
2- Many treatises (al –Rasael al –Kathirah)

Almasi died in 1747 in Isfahan.


Shia encyclopedia - vol.2


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