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Abuzar Herawi Ansari, a Maliki traditionist, originally from Harat. He studied Hadith under: Ibn Khamiriyeh, Beshr Ibn Muhammad Mazani and Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Quzami in Harat. He also continued his studies in the presence of great traditionists in different cities.

In Sarakhs: Abu Muhammad Ibn Hemawiyeh and Zaher Ibn Ahmad Tusi. In Balkh: Abu Isaac Mustameli.
In Marv: Abul Heytham Kashmihani.
In Basra: Abu Bakr Helal Ibn Muhammad and Sheyban #### Ibn Muhammad Zabe’i.
In Baghdad: Abul Hasan Daraqtani and Abu Umar Ibn Hiiwiyeh.
In Damascus: Abdul Wahhab Ibn Hasan Kalabi.
In Egypt: Abu Muslem Kateb. Hakem Neishabouri and Ibn Shahin were his important masters.

He also studied Kalam (theology) under Abul Bakr Ibn Tayyeb Baqalani and Abu Bakr Ibn Fowrak. Herawi had an effective role in transmitting Ash’ariyya (the school of Orthodox theology) to Andalus. The following have narrated (Prophetic traditions) from him:
- Isa (his son)
- Abu Muhammad Abdul Qani Hafez
- Abu Imran Farsi
- Ibn Dalaei
- Abu Saleh Mu’azzen
- Abul Walid Baji
- Abu Bakr Ahmad Ibn Ali
Alo Khatib Baghdadi and Abu Umar Ibn Abdul Ber were permitted to narrate Hadiths from him.

1- Reasons of prophecy
2- Virtues of Malek Ibn Anas (Muslim jurist and the Imam of the law school of Malikites)
3- On good points of Ashura (an event on the 10th day of Muharram “Arabi month” in battle of Karbala between Imam Hossein and Yazid)
4- Mu’jam (dictionary)
And two manuscripts which one of them is kept in Baghdad and the other in Cairo libraries.


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