Ibn Karnib

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Abu Ahmad Hossein Ibn Abul Hossein Isaac, known as Ibn Karnib, great Muslim philosopher, theologian and physician. Ibn Nadim (celebrated Arab bibliographer) in his famous book “al-Fehrest” (Index), said about him: Ibn Karnib was profoundly expert at natural sciences. Other scolars such as Ibn Qefti and Ibn Abi Asiba’eh praised him as well. Although Ibn Karnib studied in the presence of Abu Beshr Matta, Quwayri and Marvzi, but it is said that Abu Beshr was trained in the presence of Ibn Karnib. His famous book was written on a philosophical subject called: “The movement of two opposing things”. The date of his birth and death and also the students and masters are identified exactly.


The mutual services of Islam and Iran -written by Murteza Mutahhari


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