Azud al-Dawla

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Azud al-Dwla (Fana Khosrow), (September 24, 936, Isfahan - March 26, 983) was an emir of the Buyid dynasty in Iran and Iraq. He is widely regarded as the greatest emir of the dynasty. Fana Khusrow was given the title of 'Azud al-Dawla by the Abbasid caliph in 948 when he was made emir of Fars. Azud al-Dawla became emir of Iraq while the capital of Baghdad was suffering from violence and instability owing to sectarian conflict. In order to bring peace and stability to the city, he ordered the banning of public demonstrations and polemics. At the ####same time, he patronized a number of Shi'a scholars and he sponsored the renovation of a number of important Shi'a shrines. In addition, Azud al-Dawla is credited with sponsoring and patronizing other scientific projects during his time. An observatory was built by his orders in Isfahan. also built a great dam under his orders between Shiraz, Iran and Istakhr in 960 CE. The dam irrigated some 300 villages in Fars province and became known as Band-e Amir. Azud al-Dawla kept his court in Shiraz.He visited Baghdad frequentlyand kept some of his ministers there. He had a Christian minister Nasr Ibn Harun. His policies were liberal there were no Riots during his reign.He embellished Baghdad with numerous public buildings he built the famous public hospital. It was the largest hospital of that time. He also founded the Azudi Hospital. He held power for four years .His reign was a peaceful one.His death was a great blow to the Buwayhids.




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