The Koranic arguments concerning the proof of Resurrection

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Resurrection requires Divine Justice.  Many verses of the Koran confirm that there will be definitely Resurrection.


He makes something up to be compared with us and forgets how he was created.  He even says: “who will revive [our] bones once they have rotted away?” say: “the one who raised them up in the   first place will revive them. He is Aware of all creation. (36:78-79)

These two verses refer to Divine power on necessity of Resurrection.


When Abraham said: “My Lord, show me how you receive the deed, he said: “Why do you not believe?” he said” of course [I do], but just to set my heart at ease. He said: “Take four [kinds] of birds and train them to [follow] you, then place a part  of them on every mountain .then call them, they will come to you at once .know that God is powerful , wise.(2:260)

God is the one who sends the winds to blow the clouds along. We drive them on to a deed land, and revive the earth by means of them after it has dies.

Such is regeneration. (35:9)

You see the barren earth when we send water down upon it, stirring. Sprouting and producing every sort of lovely species. That [comes about] because God is the truth: he revives the deed and is capable of everything! The hour is coming. There is no doubt about it . God will rise up whoever is in [their] graves. (22:5-7)

These verses refer to reviving the deed and refreshing the nature.

We did not create Heaven and Earth and whatever [lies] in between them to no purpose. That is the opinion of those who disbelieve. Those who disbelieve should beware of the Fire!

Shall we treat those who disbelieve and perform honorable deeds just like mischief- makers on earth? Or should we treat those who do their duty like lawbreakers? (38:27-28)

Or do those who commit evil deed reckon that we will treat them exactly like those who believe and perform honorable actions, just as if their mode of living and their way of dying were equivalent? How lamely do they judge!  

God has created Heaven and Earth for true purpose and so every soul may be rewarded for whatever it has earned, and they will not be harmed. (45:21-22)

It is inferred from these verses that Divine justice necessitates Resurrection.


"Eternal Life" (Morteza Motahari)


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