Divine justice in the Koran's view

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In many of the verses of the Holy Koran it is highly mentioned that Divine justice exists thought the universe as well as on the Day of Judgement:

1- God testifies there is no deity except – Himself, and so do the angels and persons possessing knowledge. Maintaining fairplay, there is no deity except him.( 3:18)

The term “deity” in this verse refers to God justice.

2- we have sent  our messengers  with explanation, and sent the Book and Balance down along with them , so  that – mankind may conduct themselves will all fairness .( 57:25)

Sending the prophet as well as the miracles with them to human indicates Divine justice.

3- While He has raised the sky up and placed scales [there] (55:7)

Creation of the universe indicates that God is just.

4-say: “My Lord has ordered me to play fair.( 7:29)

5- He said: “My pledge does not apply to evildoers.(2:124)

This verse confirms that   according to Divine justice prophecy as a divine pledge is grouted to the persons doing honorable deeds, intending everyone is not permitted to be a prophet or on Imam.


Divine justice (by Morteza Motahari)

The Quran (English translation by T.B.Irving)


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