The characteristics of hypocrites in the Koran

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Hypocrites are the people who just pretend to be Muslim but they do not believe in Islam at all, in fact they are disbelievers. 

The Holy Koran warns Muslims about hypocrites. In the sura “Repentance” (Tawbeh) the characteristics of hypocrites are mentioned:

- If some fine thing happens to you, it bothers them, while if a misfortune happens to you, they say: “we already took our matter in hand previously.” they stalk away rejoicing.( 9:50)

- They swear by God that they are with you while they do not stand with you but are a folk are easily scared off.(9:56)

- If they should find some refuge or some caverns, or on entrance they could creep into, they would both away! Some of them criticize you concerning the [distribution of] charity. If they are given some of it, they are pleased, while if they are not given any, why they act

- They swear by God for you just to please you (all). It is more correct to please God and His messenger if they are [really] believers.(9:62)

- Hypocrites, whether, men or women, resemble one another: they command wickedness, forbid, decency, and clench their fists. They have forgotten God, so has forgotten them. Hypocrites   are so immoral!(9:67)

- Yet whenever He has given them some of bounty, they have acted miserably with it: they run away and became evasive. (9: 76)

- My God scoff at those who criticize such believers as dedicate themselves to charitable works and those who do not find anything
 [to offer] except their own effort, so they scoff at them too. They will have painful torment.(9:79)


Acquaintance with the Koran (Morteza Motahari)

The Quran (English translation by T.b.Irving)


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