Handsome loan in the Koran

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“Handsome loan” refers to the interest free loan which is strictly considered in the Koran.  The term “loan” is applied 13 times in the Koran. The Holy verses below indicate the importance of handsome loan:


1. keep up prayer, and pay the welfare tax, and advance God a handsome loan, Anything good you on send on ahead for yourselves, you will find [later on] with God.(73:20)
2. Charitable men and charitable woman who have advanced God a handsome loan will have it doubled for them. They shall have a generous free.(52:18)
3. If you will advance God a handsome loan., he will compound it for you and forgive you. God is Appreciative Lenient.(64:17)
4. God said: “I shall be with you if you will keep up prayer and pay the welfare tax m and believer in my messengers and respect them , and advance God a handsome loan, I shall over look your evil deeds for you and show you into gardens through which rivers flow.( 5:12)
5. who is there to offer God a handsome loan, so he may compound it many times over for him? God both with holds and bestows, to him will you return.(2:245)



Nemune Koranic Exegesis (Naser Makarem)

The Noble Koran (English translation by T.B.Irving)


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