The mission of religion

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The mission of religion is to guide human as well as to attain the eternal bliss. The mission will be performed only by religion itself not by human intellect or knowledge, if it could be carried out by our intellect or knowledge, there would be no need for the advent of the Divine messengers.

The universes observed by human senses is different from the one presented by revelation, the worldly view presented religion is more profound than ours

Obeying religion leads human towards the best ways:


1- We inspired Moses [as follow]: “Travel with My servants at night and open up a dry road through the sea for them. Do not fear being overtaken nor dread anything.” (20:77)

2- He said: “It will be proscribed them for forty years. They will wander around the earth, so do not worry about such perverse people. (5:26)


Religion concerns the worldly and divine bliss.

1- seek a home in hereafter through whatever God  has given you .Do not neglect your share in this world, and act kindly , just as God has treated you kindly (28:77)

2- Those are the ones who purchase worldly life instead of the hereafter, punishment will not be lightened for them nor will they be supported. (2:86)

3- Our Lord, give us something fine in this world, as well as something fine in the hereafter and shield us from the torment of Fire! (2:201)

4-what does worldly life mean except the enjoyment of illusion? (3:185)


Acquaintance with the Koran (Morteza Motahari)

The Noble Koran (English translation by T.B. Irving)


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