The consequences of following passion

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Obeying and following our passion will result in committing evil deeds.
The following koranic verses confirm it:


1. So do not let anyone who does not believe in it (the Day of Judgement) and follows his own passion bar, you from it so that you perish!
2. Do not abbey whose heart we allow to neglect remembering us, so he pursues his own whim. (18:28)
3. Who is more misguided than someone who follows his own whim without having any guidance from God? (28:50)
4. Do not follow any passion so that you man dead justly. (4:135)
5. If Truth had followed their whims, heaven and Earth would have collapsed in chaos, along with anyone who is in them. (23:71)
6. Have you seen someone who has taken his own passion as his God? Would you act as a trustee for him? Or do you reckon that most do hear or even use their reason? They are just like live stock indeed; they are oven of further off the track! (25:43-44)
7. Have you seen someone has taken his passion as his God? God knowing lets him go astray and seals off his hearing and his heart, and places a covering over his eyesight. Who will guide him instead of God? Will you not reflect [on this]?
8. Anyone who has been afraid to stand before his Lord and restrained himself from passion will have the Garden for a dueling place. (79:40-41)




Man in the Koran (Morteza Motahari)

The Noble Quran (English translation by T.B.Irving)


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