Mysticism of the Hajj

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The present book is a work of Ayatollah Javadi Amoli, in which the rituals of the Hajj, the Holy places in Mecca, and  other subjects related to are considered for composing the book , the  author refers to the oeak of Eloquence , the book “ Osul-e kafi” ( the sufficient principles) and other religious works related to


The author
Ayatollah Abdullah   Javadi Amoli, contemporary Iranian   scholar,born in 1933 in Amol- Iran. He entered. Amol seminary in 1946 and continued his studies in this school up to 1950, then he went to Mashad seminary but he left there soon and entered Tehran seminary (Marvi school ), Where he continued his studies for five years.
Then he went to Qom and established “Asra institute of research and publication” in1993.

His masters
1- Ayatollah Tabarsi
2- Ayatollah Khomeini
3- Allameh  Tabatabaee
4- Ayatollah Boroujerdi,etc.


1- Tasnim (Quranic Exegesis)
2- The secrets of prayer
3-subject Exegesis of the Koran,  etc.


The book structure

1. Kaaba as the symbol of Divine Heaven

2. Abraham and Ismael the prophets as the builders of Kaaba

3. Purification of soul by performing hajj

4. Kaaba as the center of equality and fraternity

5. The presence of His Holiness Mahdi (Imam Zaman) in hajj

6. The difference between hajj and other worships

7. Hajour al- Aswad (the Black stone)

8. Zam Zam water

9. The grades of faith

10. The pillars of Kaaba

11. Ihram (the special garment of pilgrimage to Mecca Composed of two seamless lines or woolen sheets), etc.

The book was published in 1999 in Qom-Iran.



Mysticism of the Hajj


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