The reality of heedfulness

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In many of the Koranic verses God commands us to heed Him:

1. Children of Adam, we have sent you down clothing with which to conceal your private parts and to dress up in. Yet the clothing of heedfulness is best! “That is one of Gods signs. So that may bear it in mind. (7:26)

2. God knows about any good you may do. Make provision: yet the best provision is doing your duty. Heed Me. those who are prudent! (2:197)

3. Yet-they will not remember except however God may wish. He is entitled to be heeded, as well as Entitled to grant forgiveness!(74:56)

4. Cooperate will are another for virtue and heedfulness, and do cooperate with one another for the purpose of vice and aggression. Heed God [Alone], God is strict with punishment! (5:2)

5. You who believe act steadfast –towards God, as witnesses for fair play, and do not let –ill –will toward any fold incriminate you so that you swerve from dealing justly. Be just. That is nearest to heedfulness. And heed God [Alone]. God is Informed about anything you do.(5:8)

6. You who believe, heed God the way he should be heeded, and do not die unless you are Muslims.(3:102)

7. You who believe, if you heed God he will grant you a standard, absolve you evil deeds for you, and forgive you. God possesses such splendid bounty!(8:29)

8. God will grant a way out for anyone who heeds Him.(65:2)

9. God makes his matter easy for anyone who heeds him.(65:4)

10. Anyone who heeds God will have his evil deeds remitted while he will pile up [his] earnings for him. (65:5)

11. The heedful will be in gardens and by springs partaking of whatever their Lord has given them. They had acted kindly even before that. (51:15-16)


The Noble Koran (English translation by T.B.Irving)

Nemuneh Koranic Exegesis (Naser Makarem Shirazi)


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