The truth of Resurrection

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Resurrection is the most fundamental religious principles.

All the prophets called on people to believe in monotheism (God) and the Resurrection Day.

Resurrection (Ma'ad) means return:


From it we have created you and will return you to it and from in shall we bring you forth for another chance. (20:55)

The one who has charged you with the Reading will return you to [you] destination. (28:85)

O tranquil soul, return to your lord well pleased and [Him]! (89:27-28)

Believing in Resurrection refers to on innate affair.

In face Resurrection makes us return to our temperament, and the only one who will remain forever is God:


So keep your face set enquiringly towards the [true] religion, Gods natural handiwork along which lies he has patterned mankind.

There is no way to alter Gods creation. (30:30)

I creation you before while you were still nothing! (19: 9) 

Every one upon it will disappear while your lards face will remain full of majesty and splendor. (55:26-27)

Just as we began with the first creation, so we shall do it all over again as a promise binding on us which we have been acting on. (21:104) 

Who holds control toady?  God Alone, the Irresistible holds it! (40: 16)

Yet to your Lord will be the Return! (96:8)

Everything is perishable except his face! (28:88)

Return to your Lord well pleased and pleasing [Him]! Enter among My servants, and Enter My garden. (89:28-30)

God begins with creation, then he performs it all over again, then to Him will you return (30:11)


"Resurrection" (By Morteza Motahari)


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