Reckoning of human deeds in view of the Koran

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The philosophical concept of justice refers to Resurrection and Reckoning human deeds as well as divine rewards and punishments:


1- We shall set up scales for jusltice on Resurrection and will be dealt with unjustly in away. Even if the weight of a mustard seed should exist, we would bring it along, sufficient are we as Reckoners! (21:47)

2-we have tied every mans fate around his neck, and we shall produce a book for him an Resurrection Day  that he will find spread open, Read your book, today there will  be none but yourself to call you to account ! Anyone who submits to guidance will be guided only so far as he himself is concerned, while anyone who strays away only strays by himself. No burdened soul shall bear another’s burden. We have never acted as punishers until we have dispatched some messenger. (17:13-15)


"Divine Justice" (Morteza Motahari)

The Quran English translation (T.B. Irving)


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