Conversation between the dead and the angels indicates the existence of life after death

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There is some verse in the Koran indicating conversation between the angels and the dead proving existence of life after death.


Those whom the angels will gather up [and] tell, as they are themselves “what were you [busy] with?” will say, “Were acting as weaklings on earth.”  They will say, “Is not God is earth so vast you might settle down elsewhere on it?” (4/97)


“We were acting as weaklings on earth” refers to the Muslims who had embraced Islam but in their own town or country there were no religious signs to become familiar with as a result they did not have enough information about the prophet, the Koran and Islam they were supposed to emigrate and settle down in Islamic lands but did not do, this group of people is mentioned in the Koran as “weaklings”.

This conversation between “weaklings” and the angels indicate the life after death.

There are also other verses expressing the conversation between the angel’s good people:


Whom the angels carry off while they are good persons, saying: “peace be upon you!”(16/32)


This verse also indicates the life after death .


"Resurrection" (By Morteza Motahari)


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