The treatise of “kernel of kernel”(Lobo al- Lobab) in spiritual journey (syr va suluk) of Possesors of mind(olol al-bab)

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The origion of this treatise is the gist and summery of the first course of moral and mystical lessons of Ayatollah Tabatabai, the commentator, philosopher and Gnostic that studied in theological school of “Qom”. This treatise has been written as "recountings" by Allameh Tahrani and with his emendations and appendices has been printed. In this book, the quality of spiritual journey to God, in briefly and fully, detailed of antecedent stages to "purity" (khulus) stage, subjects such as the necessary conditions of "mystic journey" (suluk), the degrees of self-####"watchfulness"(moraghebeh), the necessity of having sufi master(ostad) and the different ways of “negation of astray thoughts”(nafye khavater) has been discussed in an eloquent and comprehensive style.

Author’s brief biography:
Allameh Ayatollah Seyyed Muhammad Hossein Hosseini Tehrani, the great scholar, "jurisconsult"(faghih), Gnostic of the 15 century (15 A.H.), son of Ayatollah Seyyed Muhammad Sädegh Tehrani, was born in Tehran in 1926/oct/4 (1345/1/24A.H.). In his childhood, he was trained under the supervision of his father. He finished the elementary education then the secondary education in the field of mechanics and machine-tool manufacture. Then because of interesting in religion lessons, chose Theology sciences and at the age of nineteen (after wearing the clergymen dress) went to the “Qom”. In the same early years, he got one of the first students of the late Allämeh Tabatabi (the owner of “Almizan” commentry) and in the commentary, philosophy and "practical mysticism" he got an elite of his followers. About 7 years, at the different levels of scientific, he had profited from great masters, then for completing his education, at the age of 26, he went to “Iraq” and dwelled in “Najaf”. He studied "jurisprudence"(figh), "methodology"(osool), "tradition"(Hadith) and Rejal lessons in the presence of outstanding scholars such as Ayatollah Sheikh Hossein Helli, Seyyed Abolghasem Khoei, Seyyed Muhammad Shahrudi, Aghä Bozorg Tehrani. [REJAL: is a science that studying the biographies of the transmitters of Hadith]. In this time, according to the Allämeh Tabatabai’s view and suggestion about "mystic journey" (solook) and Gnostic issues, socialized with Ayatollah Häj Sheikh Abbas Ghuchani, the executor of the late Ayatollah Ghäzi and Ayatollah Seyyed Jamallol din Golpayegani, and in continuation of this path, he got acquainted with Ayatollah Häj Sheikh Muhammd Javad Ansari Hamedani and finally went to great Gnostic, the late Häj Seyyed Hashem Mosa Hadäd. In fixing his "practical mysticism" bases, he made a lot of attempts and efforts. He constantly profited from Imam Ali’s blessings and Imam Hossein’s favours. After finishing higher education and reaching to the outward virtues and inward perfections, for the sake of performance of duty, propagation and development of science and religion, at the age of thirty three, he returned to Tehran, in 1958 A.D(1377A.H.). After passing away of Ayatollah Burujerdy and the royalist incitements of Pahlavi government, he helped the revolution late leader (Ayatollah Khomeni) and also had effective activity. The great Allameh, after 23 years effort and dwelling in Tehran, in the year of 1910 A.D (1400A.H.) went to “Mashhad” and lived there in the last15 years of his life. He passed away in July 1995A.D.(1416/2A.H.).

The structure of book
Author’s introduction: innate aspect of tendency to the invisible world(Aalame ghyb), "Right Path"(serate mostaghim) meaning the coincidence between "outward"(zaher) and "inward"(baten), calling of Holy Quran for intellectual thought and purification, Molla Sadra’s suggestion for having kind-hearted and learning intellectual sciences, Gnostic hierarchy of a recent century.

Brief knowledge and “Mystic journey to God” (suluk elalah) outline: human being problem in darkness of materiality, "spiritual journey" (seyr and suluk) in Gnostics term, the difficulty of passing "purgatory"(Barzakh) and "spiritual multiplicity"(kesrate anfosiyeh) of wayfarer(salek) entry to purgatory, the wayfarer(salek) destination is go along with "God’s Face"(Vajh of allah), "self-watchfulness"(moraghebeh), its degrees and effects, the Gnostics purpose, of wine, the observation of wayfarer(salek) to own self, "immersion" (esteghragh) in "Divine Essence"(Zate Rububi) and "abiding with the Adorable"(baghaa be Mabud), "purity"(khulus) stage and its kinds, "cutting of attachment"(ghate alayegh) of own self essence etc.

Detailed description of antecedent stages to purity(khulu) stage: The greater Islam, the greater faith, great Hijra(immigration), the greater Jihad, the greatest Islam, the greatest faith, the greater Hijra and the greates Jihad, voluntary love(mavaddat eradi), stage of “Suluh”(suitability) etc.

Brief description of the Path(Tarigh) and the quality of mystic journey to God(suluk elalah): The necessity of searching for reason in proofing the fact of religion, the effect of lament in gaining faith to the spiritual world(älame Mana), Idris’s conversation with Allameh Tabatabi in dream, knowledge and action are interact each other, etc.

Detailed description of the Path(Tarigh) and the quality of "journey to God"(seyre elalah): The necessary conditions of mystic journey (that includes 25 case), the ways of “negation of astray thoughts”(Nafye khavater) in “Bahrol Ulum” treatise, the degrees of self-watchfulness, the Gnostics purpose, of “Phoenix” and Seemorgh, etc.


The treatise of “kernel of kernel”(Lobo al- Lobab) in spiritual journey (seyr and suluk) of Possesors of mind(olol al-bab) by Allameh Tehrani


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