The Difference Between Miracle and Genius and Extraordinary Affairs

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There is no similarity between miracle and geniuses’ affairs, because miracle is originally out of human’s ability, whereas it is possible to be found two geniuses with the same ability, moreover geniuses do what they know, not what people want them to do. But the prophets did miracle in accordance with people’s demand. Geniuses are not able to do their works without education whereas the prophets do not need any education to do miracle.

The difference between ascetics and prophets
####Extraordinary affair and soul power are the two common essential principles among the prophets, Imams, mystics and ascetics, but their aims are different. The prophets and Imams have a divine aim and their miracles are done by God’s permission. Whereas ascetics’ affairs are not divine and legitimate. There is no essential difference between the extraordinary affairs of ascetics and the affairs of Imams and prophets, but the affairs of the prophets and Imams are principle and innocent, whereas that of the ascetics are not so.

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