Abu Hamed Isfarayeni

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Abu Hamed Ahmad Ibn Taher Isfarayeni, great Shafi’I jurisconsult, born in 955 in Isfarayen (town in Khurasan – Iran). (Shafi’ites is the name of a Sunni school of Islamic law, derived from the teachings of al-Shafi’i). As a teenager, he studied under great scholars of Isfarayen such as: Ibrahim Ibn Muhammad Sha’rani. In 974 went to Baghdad to continue his studies. He studied Shafi’I jurisprudence in the presence of “Abu Hasan Ibn Marzban” and “Abul Aziz Darki”. Isfarayeni also learned Hadith in the presence of “Abu Bakr Isamaili”, “Ibn Uday ####Jurjani” and “Abul Hasan Daraqutni” (scholar of Muslim tradition, 918 – 995. He is highly praised by his biographers). From 981 up to the end of his life, he was teaching. Many scholars and jurisconsults participated in his classes, such as: Khatib Baghdadi, Abul Tayyeb Tabari, Abul Hasan Mawardi, Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Mahameli and Hasan Ibn Muhammad Khallal. The book “al-Ta’liqat al-Kubra” (The Great Gloss) which was written by him, is one of the main sources of Shafi’i school of Iraq. Isfarayeni died in 1016.


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