Abul Hasan Qefti

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Jamal al-Din Abul Hasan Ali Sheybani Qefti, known as “Qazi al-Akram” (1172 – 1248) in Egypt. He studied philosophy, syntax, jurisprudence, Hadith, the Quran, methodology, logic, history, mathematics and astronomy. His father was the Governor-General of Jerusalem and Abul Hasan Qefti was appointed as the minister. He accepted this position reluctantly. While he was exercising the office of director of finance in Aleppo, gave shelter to “Yaqut Rumi” (famous Arab encyclopedist; 1179 – 1220), who had fled from the Mongols. Of his many works, two ####biographies, philosophers and astronomers, the other of scholars.

1- History of philosophers (his most important work)
2- The history of Egypt
3- The history of Yemen
4- The history of West
5- On Mirdasids (Arab dynasty in Aleppo and northern Syria; r. 1023 – 1079) , etc.


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