Abul Qasem Payandeh

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Abul Qasem Payandeh, Iranian author and translator, born in 1911 in Najaf Abaad. He studied the primary sciences in his birth-place, then went to Isfahan to continue his studies. In 1942, went to Tehran and started translating. He also published the weekly magazine “Saba” (up to 1951) then was employed in the Iranian academy. Gradually, started political activities. In 1949, was chosen as the deputy for the Islamic conference in Mecca. Payandeh was an expert story teller, his stories were realistic, comedy and allusive. There are left 40 #### works of him, his most important work is the translation of the Quran which was done in 1957.

1- Translation of “Murawwej al-Zahab” (written by Mas’oudi)
2- Translation of “Tabari history” (written by great Arab historian)
3- Translatiion of the book “Muhammad’s (the Prophet) life” (written by Muhammad Hasan Heykal)
4- Translation of the book “Nahj al-Fasaheh” (containing aphorisms of the Prophet)
5- Translation of “The political history of Islam” (Hasan Ibrahim Ayat)
6- In embrace of happiness
7- In cinema of life (1957)
8- Translation of “Arab’s history” (1966)
9- The evolution of modern intellect
10- Translation of “The Islamic civilization” (Will Daurant)
11- The excerpted stories (1946)
12- Darkness of justice (1975)
Abul Qasem Payandeh died in 1984.


Shia encyclopedia -vol. 3


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