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Sheikh Muhammad Hossein Tuni, known as “Fazel Tuni”, prominent Persian philosopher, scholar and man of letters (1880-1961) was born in Tun (town in Khorasan, Iran). Fazel Tuni had a great memory; from his childhood, learnt reading and writing and soon could learn the Quran by heart, then studied Arabic literature. At the age of 17 went to Mashhad and continued his studies in the presence of Adib Nishapouri. The title “Fazel” (Learned man) was given to him by Adib Nishapouri. In Mashhad, he studied mathematics, astronomy, jurisprudence and ####principles, Euclid’s writings, summary of arithmetic (written by Sheikh Bahaee) for 6 years. Then traveled to Isfahan to complete the course of jurisprudence and principles and study philosophy. He finished his education under great philosopher “Jahangir Khan Qashqaee” for 6 years. Fazel Tuni also studied in the presence of Seyyed Sadeq Khatun Abaadi, Akhund Fesharaki, Seyyed Ali Najaf Abaadi and Sheikh Abdullah Gulpayegani. He lived in Isfahan for 11 years, then went to Tehran and studied philosophy under famous philosopher “Mirza Hashem Ishkewari” in Sepahsalar school. After the death of his master Mirza Hashem Ishkewari, he started teaching in Dar al-Shefa school. By the year 1915 started teaching logic, jurisprudence and Arabic in Dar al-Fonun. He also taught philosophy and Arabic in Tehran University.

His important works:
1- Book of Inflection (including the syntax and grammar of some of the Quranic verses)
2- Gloss on the Explanation of Fosus al-Hekam (including theosophical points. This book was his doctorate thesis)
3- Book of Reading, Inflection and Syntax
4- Book of Logic
5- Traditional philosophy (on natural sciences)
6- Theology (including the most important subjects of divine philosophy), etc.

1) Mullah Muhammad Baqer Tuni
2) Mirza Abdul Rahman Shirazi
3) Jahangir Khan Qashqaee
4) Hujat al-Islam Bojnurdi
5) Agha Mirza Hossein
6) Adib Nishapori
7) Sheikh Ismail Qaini


Allameh Tuni’s biography -written by Allameh Hasan Zade Amoli-


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