Ghasr-e Muqatel (Muqatel Palace)

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Muqatel Palace, near Kufa-Iraq was one of the lodging of Imam Hossein’s caravan (from Mecca to Karbala). In the past, there was a palace which was belonged to Muqatel Ibn Hesan Ibn Tha’laba, there was also a mosque and old buildings. When Imam Hossein and his companions arrived here, saw a tent. Imam asked his companions: whose tent is it? They answered: Ubayd Allah Ibn Hurr Ju’fi’s (one of the bravest Kufi men who was poet, he fought against Ali In Siffin Battle). Hossein Ibn Ali sent one of his companions, “Hajjaj Ibn Masruq Ju’fi” to bring him in ####Imam’s presence. Hajjaj went to Ubayd Allah Ibn Hurr and told him: “Hossein Ibn Ali wants you to assist him at the battle of Karbala.” Ubayd Allah said: “I just came out of Kufa because I was afraid to see Hossein Ibn Ali in Kufa. I saw many people who were getting equipped to fight against Hossein Ibn Ali. I am definitely sure that Hossein will be killed at this battle and I am not able to assist him. Therefore I neither want to see Hossein nor want him to see me”. Hajjaj returned to Imam amd told him what Ubeyd Allah had said. Then Imam himself went to him and told him: “O! son of Hurr! The people of your city (Kufa) wrote me a letter on helping me and wanted me to come here. Now I am here the fact is not what they had told me before. I ask you to assist the household of the Holy Prophet in the battle. Ubayd Allah apologized and said: “I swear you by God to exempt me, because I am much afraid of death, but take my horse”. Imam told him: “I neither need you nor your horse. Just go out of here to not hear our imploration for help. I swear by God that whoever hears our imploration and does not help us, will be burnt in the hell”.


Nafas al-Mahmum

Farhang-e Ashura


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