Forat Kufi Exegesis

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Forat kufi Eexegesis is the name of a Koranic commentary composed in Arabic by “Forat kufi”.  


The author

Sheikh Abul Qasem Forat, great Shiite commentator and traditionist lived in the minor occultation (in the 10th century).

He was an Imamiya traditionist (a person who is expert in knowledge of Hadith) although some scholars believe that first he belonged to “ Zaydiya” or he was originally from Zaydiya ( a group of Shia which is distinguished from “Twelvers” and “Seveners” by the recognition of “ Zayd” Ibn Ali –son  of the 4th Imam –as Imam).


The book structure

Commentary of the surahs is done based on the order of them in the Koran.

The author cites Hadiths from the Imams, and also explains the verses concerning the reason of revelation and the superiority of “His Holiness Ali” (p.b.u.h)

The book was published in 1979.


Scholars' views on the book

The early scholars such as: “Kashi, Najashi, sheikh Tusi” did not have any information about this exegesis book.

Also Latter –day scholars such as: Allameh Helli and Muhammad Ibn Ali Ardebili have no information about the book.

But the traditionsists: Ali Ibn   Babwayh cited the book for the great scholar “Sheikh Saduq”.

Allameh Majlesi and Sheikh Hurr Aameli consider the book as a valid koranic exegesis.

According to Allameh Majlesi, the author is considered to be an Imamiya traditionist.

This Koranic exegesis is reliable among Shiite scholars as well as  an acceptable source for commentators.




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