The Noble Quran

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Koran is the name of the Divine book of Islam, revealed to the Prophet by the Angle of Revelation (Gabriel) on the night of “ Be'sat”
(The Prophetic mission) . The Koran is considered as the greatest miracle of the Prophet.
It is both the Book of guidance and advice for everyone around the world.
The Koran was revealed in Arabic during 23 years of the Prophecy of the Holy Prophet.
It includes 11th chapters (suras) and 30 parts (Joz), there are 77807 verses in the Koran, and 3820686 words (In some of the Korans, two koranic verses are considered as one verse, that is the reason why the number of the koranic verses are different)

Some of the koranic suras are revealed in Mecca, therefore they are called Meccan suras and some others revealed in Medina.
The koranic verses divided into “ the explicit” verses referring to the verses whose meaning are clear while “ the implicit” verses present the verses whose inward meaning is not clear.
The koranic verses are also divided into the previous verses and “the abrogating” which refer to the verses abrogating one of the rules of“the abolished” referring to the verses whose one of the rules abolished by the next verses whenever  a koranic verse was revealed to the Prophet, he read them out to his companions , some of them wrote the verses and some others memorized them.
Gathering the Koran lasted up to the caliphate of “Abu Bakr”   and then it continued during the caliphate of “Umar” and “Othman”.

In Othman's era  as a result of entering the Koran in other countries, there were many problems and difficulties in reading the Koran, therefore, Othman ordered a group of people to regather  the whole of the Koran, by the order of the caliph , the project was done under direct supervision of Imam Ali (the 1st  Shia Imam) . It is lasted for 5 years.
The Koran contains many various subjects including monotheism, prophecy, the creation of the sky and earth, the early religions and Divine books, djinn, the Resurrection, Hell and Paradise  , moral principles the stories of Prophets, the angels , humans and their deeds and many other subjects
The Koran is presented in Arabic. In an eloquent language No one can present even a verse or a sura like the  koranic verses and suras.



al-Mizan exegesis (commentary on The Koran)


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