Gems of the Intellects

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Gems of the Intellects (Javaher al-Oqul) is a kind of a debate on beliefs between a scholar and a Sufi from the tongue of cat and mouse, in form of a critical story, in Persian; written by Muhammad Baqer Majlisi. It has also been attributed to “Mir Damaad” and Sheikh Bahaee” (great celebrated Persian scholars). The story was written from the tongue of mouse and cat, in order to be understood by all people.

The author
####Allameh Muhammad Baqer Majlesi, born into an educated family, was the most cwlebrated Twelver Shia scholar and traditionist in the middle of the second half of the17th and the first ten years of the 18th century in Isfahan. Allameh was the 3rd son of “Allameh Muhammad Taqi Majlesi” who was one of the most prominent Shia schoalr. Allameh Majlesi studied most of the religious sciences in the presence of his father.

The following are some of his masters:
1- Mullah Saleh Mazandarani
2- Mullah Hasan Ali Shushtari
3- Mirza Rafi’ al-Din Tabatabaei
4- Mir Muhammad Qahpaei Isfahani
5- Mullah Muhammad Sharif Isfahani
6- Sheilk Abdullah Aameli
7- Sheikh Ali Aameli
8- Mullah Mohsen Feiz Kashani
9- Seyyed Mirza Jazayeri
10- Mullah Muhammad Taher Qomi

His students:
1- Seyyed Ne’mat Allah Jazayeri
2- Mir Muhammad Sulh Khatun Abaadi
3- Abul Hasan Sharif Aameli
4- Sheikh Suleyman Bahreini
5- Mullah Muhammad Sarab
6- Mirza Abdullah Tabrizi
7- Mir Muhammad Hossein Khatun Abaadi
8- Mulalh Muhammad Majlesi, etc.


Gems of the Intellects (Allameh Majlisi)


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