The History of Prophets

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This book is one of the most important works of Allameh Muhammad Baqer Majlisi, in Persian, on the prophets’ stories in the Quran. From Adam the Prophet to The Holy Prophet Muhammad.

The author
Allameh Muhammad Baqer Majlisi was an authoritative jurist, a most prolific collector of traditions (Hadiths), and an unprecedentedly influential author of the Twelver Shia (1627 – 1698). Under the Safavid Shah Hossein I, he was ####practically the actual ruler of Iran. His father Muhammad Taqi Majlisi was a famous scholar as well. Allameh Majlisi studied under his father and other great masters: Mullah Muhammad Saleh Mazandarani, Mirza Rafu’ al-Din Tabatabaee, Mullah Hossein Ali Shushtari, Sheikh Abdullah Aameli, Mullah Mohsen Feyz Kashani and Seyyed Mirza Jazayeri.

Structure of the book:
The first volume: The prophets’ history (1) Adam the Prophet; 135 pages
- Adam the Prophet
1- on the virtues of Adam and Eve, the reasons for their names and their creations
2- On being informed the angles by God on the creation of Adam and Eve and prostrating them and refusing Satan to do so
3- On leaving the worthier act by Adam and Eve and coming to the earth
4- On their repentance, life and death
5- On their children
6- On the revelation to Adam
7- On Adam’s lifetime, death and will

- Enoch the Prophet
On this prophet’s stories in the Quran

The second volume: The Prophets’ history (2) Abraham the Prophet; 128 pages
- Noah the Prophet
1- Noah’s birth, lifetime and death
2- On appointing him as the prophet and the events in his group
- Hud the Prophet: on his Quranic story and his group “Aad”
- Saleh the Prophet: on his Quranic story, his group and the she-camel
- Abraham the Prophet
1- On his virtues
2- On the Quranic stories related to him, breaking idols and his relation with the cruel king “Nimrod”
3- On the revelations to him, making alive the dead
4- On the state of his death
5- On his marriage, children and the state of building the Kaaba
6- On the slaughtering his son

The third volume: the prophets’ history (3) Joseph the Prophet; 128 pages
- Lot the Prophet: on the stories related to him and his group
- Zul Qarnayn the Prophet: on the stories related to him
- Job the Prophet: on the stories of Joseph and Job the Prophets
- Jetro the Prophet: on the stories related to him

The fourth volume: the prophets’ history (4) Moses the Prophet; 128 pages
- Moses and Aaron the Prophets:
1- On their ancestries and virtues
2- On their birth and prophecy
3- On their appointing as the prophet against Pharaoh, Pharaoh and his followers being submerged in water
4- On the virtues and characteristics of “Asiyeh” (Pharaoh’s wife)
5- On the story related to Aaron
6- On visiting Khidr the Prophet and Moses and Khidr’s stories
7- On the state of Moses and Aaron the Prophets’ death and Joshua the Prophet’s biography

The fifth volume: the prophet’s history (5) Ishmael the Prophet; 128 pages
- Ezekiel the Prophet: on the stories related to him
- Ishmael the Prophet: on the Quranic stories related to him
- On the Quranic stories of Elijah and Elisha the Prophets
- On the Quranic stories of Dhul-Kifl the Prophet
- On Loqman’s stories
- David the Prophet:
1- on his virtues and miracles, his lifetime and the state of his death
2- on the revelations to him

The sixth volume: the prophets’ history (6) Solomon the Prophet; 120 pages
- The Sabbath companions: on the stories of this group
- Solomon the Prophet
1- on his virtues and miracles
2- on his relationship with Bilqis
3- on the revelations to him
- Saba group
- Zachariah and John (Yahya) the Prophets’ stories
- Maria’s (Jesus the Prophet’s mother) stories

The seventh volume: the prophets’ history (7) Jesus the Prophet; 128 pages
- Jesus the Prophet
1- on his birth
2- on his virtues, miracles and lifetime
3- on his divine missionary and the stories about his apostles
4- on the revelations to him

The eighth volume: the prophets’ history (8) Jonah the Prophet; 108 pages
Ezra and Daniel the Prophets’ stories
- Jonah the Prophet’s stories
- The stories of “The People of the Cave”
- On Khaled Ibn Sanan the Prophet
- The stories of other prophets whose name are not mentioned in the Quran

The ninth volume: the prophets’ history (9) The Holy Prophet Muhammad; 111 pages
1- From his birth up to the Prophetic mission
2- His marriage with “Khadigeh” and her virtues
3- On the Prophet’s names
4- On his physical and moral characteristics and his virtues
5- On the state of the Prophet’s ascension to heaven
6- Emigration to Abyssinia
7- The events in Abu Taleb defile and the death od Khadijeh and Abu Taleb (Imam Ali’s father)

The tenth volume: the prophets’ history (10); 118 pages
1- on the state of the Prophet’s emigration to Medina
2- on the state of “Badr Battle”
3- on the state of “Ohod Battle’
4- on the state of “Khandaq Battle”
5- on conquering Kheybar (name of the Jewish fort, conquered by Imam Ali)
6- on conquering Mecca
7- on the Prophet’s will


The History of Prophets by Allameh Muhammad Baqer Majlesi


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