Explication of religious problems (Tozih Al-Masäel)

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This book is in accordance with Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani Tabrizi’s “Fatwa” (verdict of jurist). Human has two kinds of duties from the view point of Islam sacred religion: 1- the doctrinal and cordial duty 2- behavioral and practical duty. In this book has been briefly explained a part about the first duty by the name of beliefs, then has been talked about the behavioral and practical duty of an individual.

Biography of Ayatollah Ja’far Sobhäni Tabrizi
Ayatollah Ja’far Sobhäni Tabrizi was born in a scientific, piety ####and virtuous family in Tabriz in 1929.apl. 9 A.D.(1308.1.20S.H./1347.10.28A.H). Ayatollah Sheikh Ja’far Sobhani after graduation from primary education, in the schoolhouse of “Late Mirza Mahmood Fäzel, learned the literature, Gulistän(the Rose Gurden), Bostän, Mojam history, Nassäb Al-sebyän, Abväb Al-Jenän , etc. At the age of fourteen, he left for Tälebiye “theological school” of Tabriz.
His Masters:
Ayatollah Rooholläh Khomeini, Haj Sheikh Hassan Nahvi, Mirza Mohammad Ali Modarres Khiyäbäni, the author of “Reyhänat Al-Adab”, AllämeTabätabäi, etc.

He is considered one of the Islamic “Där Al-tabligh” masters of Qom that researches in the field of “Nations history” and “Islamic theology”. He also is the founder of “Islamic theology research center” (The Imam Sädegh(p.b.u.h)Education and research institute) in Qom in 1980A.D.(1359) and is one of the outstanding masters of Qom’s theological school that is excel of seminary. After death of Ayatollah Sheikh Javäd Tabrizi and with trusting to the request of some group of Azerbaijan people, entered (accept) the authority (marja’iyyat). Another one of his scientific and cultural activities:
-establishing and writing the Islamic theology encyclopedia.
-establishing Journal(magazine) and specialized center of Islamic theology.
-writing the university and seminaries textbooks and membership in Islamic encyclopedia “board of trustees”, etc.

-Al-Kotob Al-Kalamiye and Mojem Al-Motekallemin
-Mosooe’hTabaghät Al-Foghahä
-Mojam Al-Taräs and Al-Mosooe’h Al-Rejäliye
- Foroogh Abadiyat
-“Figurs” (biography) of sages (simäye farzänegän)
-Wahäbism religion

The book structure:
This book including two parts as follows:
*Islamic principles of faith: the effect of religion in four dimensions, the roots of religion in Man’s creation, which is the valuable knowledge in Islam?,the ways of “Theology” (Theism), God’s attributes, to get acquainted with God’s “positive attributes” (sefate sobuti) and “negative attributes” (sefate salbi), Man’s need to the heavenly guides, what is the element of infallibility in prophets?, prophets and geniuses, our holy prophet is the last divine messenger, the reasons of final prophet’s prophecy, Quran and the occult news, Quran’s miracles from the other viewpoints, to become familiar with other reasons of Islam prophet’s prophecy, the coincidence of indications and evidences, caliphate and Imamate , Imamate and assigning the successor, the resurrection of Man and the world, resurrection, what is reincarnation?

*The legal injunctions and duties: 1- imitation 2-“purity”(tahärat) 3- the injunctions of “prayer” (namaz) 4- the injunctions of fasting ), 5- Itikäf: (means: taking seclusion in a mosque or holy shrine for prayer), 6- “One Fifth “ (khoms) 7-the injunctions of “alms” (zakät), 8-the injunctions of buying and selling (transaction), 9-“partnership” (sherkat), 10-“peace” (sulh)11-hire(ejareh) 12-“reward” (ja’älah),13-“partnership of capital and labor” (muzärabah),14-“agricultural partnership in farming” (muzäre’),15-“agricaultural partnership in orchards” (musäqät) [in other word it means taking care of one’s fruit trees and sharing the profit), 16-“mahjoorin” (mentally incompetent),17-“representative” (wekälat), 18-debt 19-“hawäleh” (transfer), 20- mortgage 21- to bail 22- “bail” (kefälat), 23-“trust” (wadiyeh), 24-“lending” (ariyah) 25-“misappropriation” (ghasb) 26-ownerless property (laqte), 27-marriagae 28-divorce 29-inheritance 30- the injunction of slaughter and hunting the animals31- eating and drinking 32--“taking an oath” (nazr) “covenant” (ahd),33-“endowment” (waqf) 34-will (wasiyat).

This book has been printed and published by Imam Sadeq (p.b.u.h.) Institute in Qom in 2007A.D. (1386S.H.).


Explication of religious problems (Tozih Al-Masäel) by Jafar Sobhani


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