The Similarity of Miracle’s and Small Miracle’s Reality

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There is no essential difference between miracle and small miracle (Keraamat; performed by one other than a prophet). Miracle and small miracle, both are the conducts of guardianship. Prophecy and Imamate are the two outer figures in which there is guardianship. If the human soul is complete they will be a saint (Wali Allah) and will be able to have genesis effect on the universe. The affair which is done by the prophets as a miracle is done by the saints as a small miracle. Every miracle which was done by early prophets; the Holy Imams are also able to do with God’s ####permission, but the sharia revelation is only belonged to the prophets. Miracle is an extraordinary affair which is done for proving prophecy and Imamate. The extraordinary affairs which are not done for proving the prophecy and Imamate called small miracle. Small miracles could be also done by saints with God’s permission, for example: curing ill people of a disease. Some small miracles are attributed to Mary (Jesus’ mother) in the Koran.


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