Affection in the view of Imam Sadeq (peace be upon him)

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Affection in the view of Imam Sadeq (peace be upon him)

Affection and kindness among mankind, not only causes popularity and increasing daily bread, but also makes God satisfied with His servants and will help them in Judgment Day.

Living in a society where the people behave kindly towards each other, will be more beautiful than the societies which consider rigid and stringent rules rather than kindness.
In addition to the necessity of rules in a society, people also need the existence of kindness and affection, otherwise they will be depressed.

Islam is the religion of affection and kindness. According to Islam affection is the one of the most important factors of success in social relationships.
Muhammad is God's messenger while those who are with him should be strict with disbelievers, merciful among themselves (48/29)

The Holy Prophet is known as the Prophet of compassion and affection.
After embracing Islam "showing affection" towards people is the sign of wisdom.

"looking kindly at the face of your brother, is a kind of worship" says Imam Sadeq (p.b.u.h).
"Muslims are the brothers of each other they do not oppress each other, they do not treat each other in a contemptible way. Muslims are supposed to behave kindly towards each other and help those who are in need." Says Imam Sadeq.

He also says: "sympathizing and deserving quality among Muslims make you become much closer to God."

One of the companions of Imam Sadeq, called "Sodayr" told the Imam: "whenever I visit a Muslim whom I have never seen before and he also has not visited me, but as soon as we start talking we see that we profoundly like each other."
The Imam answered him: Yes it is true. When good persons visit each other, their hearts are so close to each other and they treat kindly; as well as the sinners, when they visit each other, their hearts are so far from each other even if they show kindness.

Kindness and affection have many effects in the two worlds.
Generosity is one of the factors of affection. Imam Sadeq said to his companion: "Be more generous to make yourself more lovely among your friends and attract their attention to you; because generosity is the cause of affection, and stinginess is the cause of enmity."

One of the other advantages of affection in this world is to repelling an act of God.
"If there would be many sinners in a town but among them there are only three believers who worship God and treat kindly towards people, God will repel His act over them." Says God.

forgiving the sins, is one of the numerous advantages of affection towards people.
"when the believers visit each other and treat kindly towards each other, their sins will be forgiven." Says Imam Sadeq.

There also many traditions on affection in marriage life: "affection towards women, is one of the moralities of the prophets." Says Imam Sadeq.
In marriage life what can take control of hearts, is only the affection, as much a couple behave kindly, they are more lovely." Says Imam Sadeq.

The essence and soul of the religion (Islam) is only affection.
"If you love some one make them inform of your love." Says Imam Sadeq.

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