The role of affection in family life

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The role of affection in family life

The system of creation is created based on God's affection towards human. If there was no affection, there would be no spring, no sunrise and no sunset; if there was not any affection in the world, there would not be any beautiful poems for the beloveds.

The Creation started with "love" and "affection" and then the different aspects of beauties and perfections were created.
Humans also as a part of the Creation, are born with love and at the end of their lives they will leave the world with love.

The family in which there are full of love and affection is highly favourable to God.
In some of the Islamic traditions spouse is considered as "the favourable companion". Husband and wife should be friends and also the companions of each other in family life.

"In this world I love only three: firstly the fragrant smell, secondly women and thirdly, prayer which is the light of my vision." Said the Prophet.
The Prophet's aim is to inform people that family life should be full of love and affection.

As it is narrated, before Fatima's birth, the Prophet was ordered to live away form Khadija for forty days. During this time Khadija bitterly cried. The Prophet sent some of his companions to Khadija to inform her he was ordered by God to live away from her, but his love and affection for her is as deep as before.


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