Intercession on Resurrection Day

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The following verses of the Koran confirm “intercession” on Resurrection Day:


1- God is the One who created Heaven and Earth as well as whatever lies in between them, in six days, and then He mounted on the Throne. You (all) have neither patron nor any intercessor besides Him. Will you not bear this in mind? (32:4)

2- They will have no patron nor any intercessor besides Him -so that may do their duty. (6:51)

3-Intercession belongs entirely to God. He holds control lover Heaven and Earth, soon you will return to Him (39:44)

4- What the Heavens hold and what the Earth holds [belongs] to Him. Who is there to intercede with him except by His permission? He knows what lies before them and what’s behind them, while they embrace nothing of his knowledge except whatever he may wish. (2:255)

5- Your Lord is God [Alone], who created Heaven and Earth in six days. Then he ascends the throne to regulate the matter. There is no intercessor until he gives permission [for it].(10:3)

6-They say: “the Mercy –Giving has adopted a son”. Glory be to Him! Rather they are honored servants; they do not try to speak ahead of him, while they act as his command. He knows what lies in front of them and what is behind them, while they do not intercede except for someone who has been approved. They are apprehensive and hence in awe of Him. (21:26-28)

7- The ones whom they appeal to instead of   Him control no intercession except for someone who testifies concerning the Truth and they realize it. (43:86)

8-They will possess no power of intercession except for someone who has already accepted a pledge from the Mercy-giving (19:87)



Recognition of Resurrection (Allameh Tehrani)

The Noble Quran (English translation by T.b. Irving)


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